Thursday, 7 April 2011

Vitrual Receptionist Services

Let Arjsolution help increase your productivity and lower your overhead. Does your business provide 24 hour service? We can answer all of your calls and dipatch them appropriately at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time after hours employee. Our call center operators are highly trained and professional. They will treat your employees and clients with the utmost respect and kindness.

Arjsolution provides seamless office integration. When a call comes in, our operators are provided whatever answer phrase you specify and can answer your calls in the exact manner your office staff uses. They are also provided all the information about your business that you specify: Office hours, phone numbers, addresses, emails, websites, and FAQs. Every operator, in this way, will get to know you, your business, your clients, and their individual needs. This makes us more like an extension of your business rather than a standard answering service.

We provide excellent service during office hours as well. We can take over for your lunches and breaktimes; take over for you on vacations, holidays, sickdays, snowdays. We can answer all of your overflow calls so that none of your customers are made to wait. We can also deal with the most varying of office hours effectively

Your messages can be dispatched with a variety of methods:

-patching calls through
-text messaging
-holding for you to check in

Most businesses have several dispatch steps for each message, encompassing several of these dispatch options.

Arjsolution's clients and services include, but are in no way limited to:

Ad response, computer services, order taking, appointment scheduling and canceling, sending brochures, dealer and stores locators, service referral lines, reservations, event rsvp, employement applications, employement hotlines, employement services and temp agencies, alarm monitoring, appraisals, attorney's answering service, insurance agencies, contractors, disaster response, electricians, funeral homes, heating and a/c companies, help wanted lines, landscapers, ER dispatch and response, limousine service, photographers, plumbers, property managers, real estate agencies, virtual receptionists, virtual office attendants, and roofers.

Reminder Call Center Servicess

Arjsolution is a cost-effective practice management tool utilizing advanced technology that will...

  • Professionally remind your patient of their scheduled appointment date and time.
  • Provide your patient the ability to transfer directly to your office.
  • Increase the efficiency and productivity of your staff by allowing them to focus on true patient care.
  • Decrease lost revenue for missed appointments and staff "downtime."
  • Increase total appointments and "no show" revenue.
  • Maintain continuity of care with routine follow-up appointment reminders.
 Our "state-of-the-art" solution can export patient appointment information via your current practice management system or scheduling module. We can then program this information into our Call Center software and subsequently initiate the "confirmation" process.

No answer? Line busy? No answering device or voicemail? NO PROBLEM! Arjsolution continues calling until a connection is made.

Arjsolution is an indispensable tool that saves your practice valuable time and resources. It is simple to use, completely secure, and HIPAA-compliant.

Let us handle this time-consuming, although necessary component of patient care, and allow YOU to concentrate on caring for your patients!

Medical Answering Services

Let us help you care for your patients! Our operators are there for your patients when your medical office is closed. Medical answering is not a luxury; it is a necessity for any professional to provide complete patient care.

Most medical emergencies do not occur during office hours, and the ability of patients to reach their medical provider during their time of need is one of the most important factors in retaining patients. Arjsolution is here to help. Our operators can handle all of your after hours medical calls. Your patients will be greeted by one of our caring operators who have complete access to all relevant information that you have provided to us. They can then dispatch messages, page doctors and nurses, and follow the specific medical answering script that you have designed for them for the best possible patient care.

Arjsolution understands that the gathering and transmission of correct information is essential for the medical professional to be able to perform at their best.  Arjsolution utilizes customizable scripts and databases based on the particular medical professional’s needs that allow us to control the phone call to ensure the proper information is taken.  Once taken our agents follow the medicals professional’s clear and concise directions on how to deliver the call.

Let us help your medical office run smoother. Our services are designed around the specific needs of your medical office so that we can provide you with the highest possible level of service at the lowest price. Please feel free to give us a call, or Email us and one of our account representatives will help you find a service plan and price that fits your needs.

Internet Live Chat

Consider the Following facts:

• 75% of all e-Shopping carts are abandoned before the purchase is actually complete. Nine out of 10 shoppers who abandoned their carts did so because of the lack of customer service.

• 72% of the respondents said that customer service in critical in shopping satisfaction, Less then one percent of all ecommerce websites offer live customer assistance

Many customers will use your website to research your company and its products prior to making a purchase decision. Often times, they will visit your website just once and will leave with whatever impression your website has left on them.

Customer expects to receive a same support online they would get if they walked into your office or store: instant help for specific problems or purchasing information. Unfortunately, self service tools such as FAQ’s and emails are not always a reliable way to provide information or deliver satisfactory service. As a result, providing live interactive customer support solutions play a key role in avoiding lost revenue.
Arjsolution delivers live Customer Service to visitors of your Websites:
  • Web Chat: with a click of a button your customer engages in a privately branded, real time, text based chat session with a live 24-7 Arjsolution agent.
  • Web Push: Website navigation assistance that enables Arjsolution call center agent to “Push” a requested web page from your site to display in your Customer’s Browser.
  • Web Call Back: your customer can request a phone call from one of our call center agent through your website.
Using our skilled call center agent’s technologies, Arjsolution can provide visitors to your site with support at critical moments. We can interact with your customer throughout their visit and provide an easy and effective way for them to communicate with us. The addition of a live customer support representative at the right time can make the difference between making and losing sale. Arjsolution delivers a missing human touch to your website and help turn “browsers” into “Buyers”……..

Inbound Call Center Services

Maximizing customer satisfaction has always been one of the main topics of discussion in board meetings and with ever-rising competition; it has become even more important for businesses worldwide. While the quality of the product or service plays an important role in customer satisfaction, it is often not enough because what is equally important is the quality of customer support services. And this is exactly where we can help because we are one of the leading providers of inbound customer support services. We have successfully completed many inbound customer service projects in the past and have many ongoing projects as well, something that validates the reliability and constancy of our offshore outsourcing services.

We excel at a wide range of Inbound calling programs, including:
  • Live telephone operators
  • Order Taking
  • Customer Support
  • Direct response and Infomercials
  • Opt In Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Website receptionist or Direct response to Website
  • Virtual Office Service
  • Taking Credit card Orders
  • Database Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Web Enabled Customer Support
Marketing experts continuously preach that if you want to reach the next level, you have to delegate authority. Let us handle the phones!

You can always rely on us because we hire only the most skilled and experienced customer support professionals and use the latest in telecommunication tools and technologies. Your business may have very specific needs, but even then you need not worry because the systems and processes that we have in place are flexible enough to accommodate all the different variations of inbound customer support services. So, call us now if you want to provide the best possible customer support services to your customers. You can also email us and share with us your needs and requirements.

Outbound Call Center Services

When It Comes To Outbound Telemarketing, You Definitely Get What You Pay For……………….!
Arjsolution combine capability and expertise in order to provide you with the right solution, taking into full consideration industry, proposition, timing and target market. Arjsolution engage in the full process of project planning and set up, ensuring a full understanding of your requirement giving you the full benefit of our many years of experience within the call center industry.

Arjsolution has the expertise to deliver the solution that suits your specific needs and put you on the road to success. We excel at a wide range of outbound calling programs, including:

  • Appointment setting
  • Sales or Promotion evangelism announcements
  • List Cleaning - Lead Generation
  • Market Research
  • Marketing campaign Follow up
  • Fund raising
  • Event/Seminar Investigation
  • Trade Show Follow Up
  • Database Update and Cleansing
  • Surveys
  • Polling
  • Promoting a Website
  • Customer Loyalty - Customer Care Programs
  • Promoting a Political candidate or event
At Arjsolution, each campaign begins with close consultation and analysis to understand your business, the overall objective of your telemarketing campaign and what you are trying to accomplish. We also take time to help edit the script to ensure that your goals are being met while enabling our call center agent to work at the highest level of efficiency. One of the key ingredients to a successful outbound telemarketing campaign is the quality of your script. Next, we train our agents on your specific campaign, your product and services, any possible objections, and the best approach to take with your target customer or audience.

Once your campaign has started, Arjsolution with its team will continue to refine the program. We will constantly search for new ways to make your program more efficient, increase sales, or reduce cost.
Arjsolution will succeed at any project that requires dedicated, professional salespeople, or customer service reps to pick up the phone and dial. Our call center is equipped with predictive, automated, and manual phone stations.


In the highly competitive environment, the   companies that are outsourcing intensive business process stand to gain substantially in terms of cost saving and time spent in running these business processes. Organizations are realizing that they can concentrate more on their core business processes by outsourcing their none-core processes Focusing on core-competences, doing what a company does best, and outsourcing non-core processes to other experts who can bring in the outside best practices, is the core business proposition of the Bpo’s (Business Process Outsourcing). Companies today are enhancing their competitiveness in the marketplace by transforming important; non-core business process and ensuring that maximum value from recourses are focused on core process.

Arjsolution with its deep industry knowledge, process expertise and scale experience provides innovative, cost-effective outsourcing solution as per bespoke clients needs.

Arjsolution is committed to add value to client's process. We can either carry out your existing non-core process as per your constraint or propose and develop improved methods that will provide cost-effective solution. Arjsolution’s successful team consisting of qualified and experienced personal will analyse your existing process to find ways and means to bestow value addition to your business.

Our Adaptive Global Delivery model (AGDM) enables us to mould the services to the client’s requirements and adapt customer specific approach to provide a more personalized and task oriented model. ArjSolution promises to deliver the full spectrum of knowledge needed to deliver a task, at any point of time. The technical expertise substantiated with the delivery Model, provides convergence between Technology and business