Thursday, 7 April 2011

Internet Live Chat

Consider the Following facts:

• 75% of all e-Shopping carts are abandoned before the purchase is actually complete. Nine out of 10 shoppers who abandoned their carts did so because of the lack of customer service.

• 72% of the respondents said that customer service in critical in shopping satisfaction, Less then one percent of all ecommerce websites offer live customer assistance

Many customers will use your website to research your company and its products prior to making a purchase decision. Often times, they will visit your website just once and will leave with whatever impression your website has left on them.

Customer expects to receive a same support online they would get if they walked into your office or store: instant help for specific problems or purchasing information. Unfortunately, self service tools such as FAQ’s and emails are not always a reliable way to provide information or deliver satisfactory service. As a result, providing live interactive customer support solutions play a key role in avoiding lost revenue.
Arjsolution delivers live Customer Service to visitors of your Websites:
  • Web Chat: with a click of a button your customer engages in a privately branded, real time, text based chat session with a live 24-7 Arjsolution agent.
  • Web Push: Website navigation assistance that enables Arjsolution call center agent to “Push” a requested web page from your site to display in your Customer’s Browser.
  • Web Call Back: your customer can request a phone call from one of our call center agent through your website.
Using our skilled call center agent’s technologies, Arjsolution can provide visitors to your site with support at critical moments. We can interact with your customer throughout their visit and provide an easy and effective way for them to communicate with us. The addition of a live customer support representative at the right time can make the difference between making and losing sale. Arjsolution delivers a missing human touch to your website and help turn “browsers” into “Buyers”……..

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