Thursday, 7 April 2011

Outbound Call Center Services

When It Comes To Outbound Telemarketing, You Definitely Get What You Pay For……………….!
Arjsolution combine capability and expertise in order to provide you with the right solution, taking into full consideration industry, proposition, timing and target market. Arjsolution engage in the full process of project planning and set up, ensuring a full understanding of your requirement giving you the full benefit of our many years of experience within the call center industry.

Arjsolution has the expertise to deliver the solution that suits your specific needs and put you on the road to success. We excel at a wide range of outbound calling programs, including:

  • Appointment setting
  • Sales or Promotion evangelism announcements
  • List Cleaning - Lead Generation
  • Market Research
  • Marketing campaign Follow up
  • Fund raising
  • Event/Seminar Investigation
  • Trade Show Follow Up
  • Database Update and Cleansing
  • Surveys
  • Polling
  • Promoting a Website
  • Customer Loyalty - Customer Care Programs
  • Promoting a Political candidate or event
At Arjsolution, each campaign begins with close consultation and analysis to understand your business, the overall objective of your telemarketing campaign and what you are trying to accomplish. We also take time to help edit the script to ensure that your goals are being met while enabling our call center agent to work at the highest level of efficiency. One of the key ingredients to a successful outbound telemarketing campaign is the quality of your script. Next, we train our agents on your specific campaign, your product and services, any possible objections, and the best approach to take with your target customer or audience.

Once your campaign has started, Arjsolution with its team will continue to refine the program. We will constantly search for new ways to make your program more efficient, increase sales, or reduce cost.
Arjsolution will succeed at any project that requires dedicated, professional salespeople, or customer service reps to pick up the phone and dial. Our call center is equipped with predictive, automated, and manual phone stations.

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